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We Open Drains Others Can't

Minuteman Sewer & Drain Cleaning


M & K Jetting & Televising Inc. Water Jetting Jetting

High-pressure water jetting services

At M & K Jetting and Televising, our high pressure water jets provide a safe and efficient way of cleaning and opening clogged drains, sewer lines and pipelines.

Jetting Support

- Unclog sediment from a pipeline

- Clean any sewer 2" in diameter and larger

- Less damaging to terrain and landscape

- No excavation needed

- Use-specific nozzles remove a variety of debris:

  Dirt, aggregate, roots, grease, ice, debris and concrete

- Dethaw frozen drain lines without excavation

Benefits of water jetting

The professionals at M & K Jetting and Televising have the knowledge and resources needed to clean any pipe or sewer the right way.


They provide excellent commercial and industrial services. Other services include catch basin cleaning, car wash pits & troughs cleaning, hydro excavation and lift station cleaning.

Experience that matters

Blast away sewer issues with our jetting services

Fully insured and licensed through the county health department as sewer system installers.


We promise to beat any competitor's written estimate.

24/7 emergency services are always available